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Welcome to Desire imagines. Desire imagines are only suitable for a mature audience. These imagines written are all dedicated to you. In all the imagines it has the word (YN) which means your name. I hope you enjoy all the imagines! The imagines involve series of certain boys such as Mindless Behavior, Diggy Simmons, Jacob Latimore etc. Be sure to always keep in touch with some suggestions, requests and appreciation will always motivate me. This summer will have lots of series, be sure to always stay tuned. Thank you for the love! Stay desired. All imagines

Angry in love part one 

You were at dinner with Princeton, Prodigy and Princeton’s annoying friend Kennedy. She was always cutting you off when you tried to talk to your own boyfriend. Whenever Prince would see you get mad, he would grab your hand and squeeze it to calm you down. “Aww, Princey poo is looking extra good today” Kennedy continued to flirt with Prince. “Yes, he is” you blurted her. She looked at you with a blank expression. “Problem?” you raised your eyebrow. She scoffed and went back to digging in her food. “So anyways, Prince you look good is what I was trying to say” she glanced over at you. “Miss, your date is supposed to be Prodigy, you’re paying attention to my date more than you are to yours. Something wrong?” you raised your voice. “YN, please” Prince looked over at you. “I-it’s fine, YN” Prodigy started to break things down as he saw the tension between you and Kennedy. “Yes, it’s fine YN. After all, Princeton did know me before you even got in the picture” she smiled at you. “That’s it” you raised out your chair and hovered over the table to throw a punch at her as Princeton quickly blocked you. Prodigy got up and held Kennedy’s arms as she tried to swing. Prince grabbed you firmly on the waist. “YN! You’re fucking embarrassing me” he yelled at you. “What? I’m embarrassing you!? You’re the one that is getting flirted with. I’m so wrong for being jealous?” you started to shout back as people turned their heads. “Prince, control your bitch!” Kennedy shouted as Prodigy held her back. You ignored her and just stared at Princeton as he looked at you with a warning facial expression. “Whatever. You know what, fuck you. I bet some other boy would treat me better than you do” you started to walk away as Prince walked behind you, angry as ever. You liked getting him angry; it amused you AND made the sex better. That line always got to him because he was the easiest person to get jealous over you quickly. You walked back to the car as Prince pushed you on the car, leaning you on top of it. “Look, I don’t like Kennedy like that” he said as he tried to control his anger. “Yes, you do. It’s okay, go fuck her she’s washed up anyways” you spoke back. He crashed his lips onto yours, breathing heavier than ever posting your wrists onto the car roughly. “You’re gonna get it” he growled in your ear.

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